In this special new year 2020, we announce that our Winnovo office website is launching now. Here is the website URL:

Winnovo was found in 2010 and specified in Tablet PC, Laptop PC, WiFi Digital Frame, TV Box, Kids' Camera and so on. Covering an area of 10,000 square meters and with more than 500 employees working on 20 production lines our manufacturing facility has a capacity of 300,000 units a month. Winnovo has a high-caliber employee and a set of scientific and strict product quality inspection procedures. To ensure the quality of our products, the products are subject to stringent quality testing and safe packaging to ensure that you can use in your country and deliver a good condition pacel to your hand.

From now on, you can pick any of Winnovo products in Amazon shop in different countries, Aliexpress, C discount or Mercado Libre freely. We work with Amazon selling Winnovo products worldwide together.

No matter which platform you bought our product from, we will provide 24 hours customer support in 7 days a week to you.

Welcome visit Winnovo! Innovation win Future.