Can I Keep Laptop Plugged In And Charging All The Time?


Jul 07 , 2021



It’s very common and convenient to leave the laptop adapter connected with, when you are not using it. But may one day you may realize and wonder if this matters to your battery or if it’s safe to do it.

In fact, such worries are unnecessary, now a day we are using Lithium battery on the laptop instead of Ni-MH battery, so it can be plugged in all the time without causing harm.

laptop-charging all the time

In addition, our laptop integrated battery management technology, which controls by hardware and software, the charging circuits are smart enough to stop charging when the battery is fully charged, then it will be directly powered by the power supplier instead of the battery. This also means that even when the laptop is plugged in and powered on, it is still in a standby state for battery, not in a using state.

Also, another advantage besides convenience is to keep the power supplier connected will always keep the laptop in high-performance state, because the processor will lower its performance when it’s on low battery, this will saving energy consumption and to ensure as long as battery life.

In summary, it’s totally fine when you keep the laptop plugged in and charging all the time, Unless the charger is faulty, and gets overheat.

WINNOVO_N140 1000mAh Battery

*Please beware that, as everything has a lifespan, the life of the battery will always be consumed as time goes by, no matter it’s on charging or not. If your laptop battery goes down and we recommend you to replace by the manufacturer ( for Winbook Series it’s us ). Do not replace by third-party or by yourself, an uncertified battery may have potential harm in safety and also you’ll lose your warranty by doing that. If you need any technical support please contact our customer services team, we always deliver the best after-sale services as we can.

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