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Android phones are a powerful computer that sits in the palm of your hand. With great specs and low price tags, Winnovo’s unlocked Android phones are great bargains.

Unlocked phones are becoming more popular than ever. This is because they offer freedom of choice. You decide not only the device you want but the carrier and phone plan which is right for you.
With an unlocked phone you don't have to be tied into an expensive contract on terms that don't suit you.  You can shop for the phone features you want, be that stunning camera, dual SIM, large screen, powerful CPU or long-life battery. Then find the phone plan that best for you and your wallet.

All of the phones in this category run on the ever-popular Android OS. This brings with it support for millions of apps and games so you’ll never be stuck for entertainment.

Today’s trend in smartphones is for ever-larger screens. Some of the leading phones currently on the market, such as the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy 9+ charge premium rates for their large screen devices, however while visually impressive these large screen devices can be cumbersome and difficult to use, especially one-handed.  Winnovo offers its customers a more practical solution. With our 5 inch smartphones you still have plenty of screen space to easily read emails, browse the web, play games and send messages, but the phone is also easy to operate and hold with just one hand.

Winnovo is continuing to expand, update and offer phones with larger more powerful processors, better wireless and mobile antennas as well as providing greater storage space in the form or more onboard memory.